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Say hello to our brand new Parcdeals portal

As our Parcdeals concept grew more internationally over the past few years. We felt it was time to launch a one-stop portal, which incorporates all of our countries/websites. For now, it is a simple reflection of the current countries we are live in. In the future, the hottest current deals, per country, will be added. […]

Launch of Parcdeals.be for the French speaking part of Belgium

Today we have officially launched the Walloon website Parcdeals.be. This website serves the same purpose as its brother Pretparkdeals.be, but in this case for the French speaking part of Belgium. The concept is completely the same and works 100% like the Flemish website. The only differences are the language and the parks. On Parcdeals.be, you […]

Launch of Pretparkdealz.nl in The Netherlands

After the succesful launch of Pretparkdeals.be in Belgium, we proceeded to develop a Dutch version and launch this – as soon as possible – in The Netherlands. Et voila: www.pretparkdealz.nl is born. The concept and setup is similar to the Belgian version. The focus is different though. The focus in Belgium is on a few […]